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  We have given detailed report the society and its present working condition. Our main objectives is to give quality and better education to the Muslim community and other poor village people irrespective of caste, colour and creed. As explained earlier the lower primary school was started 1956 and upper primary school was in 1962. Though it was started in a small way and now circumstances are quite inadequate, so it is not possible to continue with the available land and building because of the increased students, teachers and staff. At present to total strength of the school is 1420 and out of that 850 students are Muslim and 110 students belongs to scheduled caste.

The school has received recognition from educational department government of kerala vide NUMBER CI – 2557 / 58 DATED 27.04.1959

Sufficient land and building may be acquired to cover this project on availability of found. At present the society is in possession more than 3 Acres of land to accommodate the school and orphanage in survey numbers 110/1, 109 / 21/183/24/B, 202/22/1, 112/10 AND 112 /6 at Vaduthala and Arukutty Village, Cherthala Taluk.

The founders of the society and their colleagues constructed the school building with the help of the community people in 1956 and after that at the time of upgradation to upper primary school again the society arranged additional building and other facilities.

The roof of the existing building is in a de-lapped condition and not fit to conduct classes. The Management unable to reconstruct this building and add additional accommodation the increased number of school students due to lack of fund.

Take in to consideration of the dedication of the management towards the community and the country, we are requesting you to go through our proposal, do inspection, verify our documents, inspect our premises, Enquire our capacity through proper channel and grant the project amount for the well being of a community, a society, a nation.

The society wants to give better education to the students in a better circumstances. So constructing school building, class room utensils, furnitures, computers etc. We have to demolish very old school building and to finish the new construction of the school building immediately so as to enable us to avoid disturbance to the students. The plan, estimate and construction details of the proposed building is also ready. We require 20 Million Indian Rupees.

We got the permission to receive Foreign Currency, from Ministry of Home Affaires, Government of India, Registration No. 052810136